Design & Planning

We will assist in any stage of a swimming pool project from the planning phase to completion. This includes liasing with the customer, builders and architects to leave nothing to chance. We can offer advice and recommendations on the design of the pool but also the buildings and enclosures if the project is indoors.

There are many considerations to think about when taking on construction of a swimming pool here are just a few of the main ones you need to decide upon to get you going:
Access to site
Consideration would have to made for accessing your yard with equipment and for the removal of soil or other material.
Size/depth of the pool
How big do you want the pool and what style & depth do you require?
Orientation of the pool
Where is the pool to be placed in relation to any adjoining buildings, walls etc? Other factors include wind, shade and overall views of the pool from the house and possibly your neighbors property.
Positioning of flow control, lights or steps/bays
What extras do you want on the pool and where will they be positioned?
Ground conditions – Clay, chalk, high water table, etc
What will we be excavating? How much material we need to remove?
Is there a high water table? This is not a design issue as we have come up against many ground conditions. If detected at an early stage we will be able to advise you accordingly.
If you are heating the pool then will it be by electricity, gas or solar?
Usage of the pool
Will the pool be used for exercise, fun, hydrotherapy, diving, etc?
Services available to site
Is there access to electrics, water, gas, etc?
We have answers to all your questions based on vast experience of indoor and outdoor swimming pool construction. Please contact us for advice and a quote based on your requirements.