Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost to run?
    The actual cost will depend on the fuel used for heating, location of pool and the amount of usage.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    In some cases permits are required, we will assist as needed.
  • How long does it take to install?
    3 – 4 weeks from start to finish depending size. This will depend on how many people are working on the site. Actual excavation and construction takes approximately one week.
  • Can you design the pool for me?
    Yes we can help you every step of the way taking in all the design & planning considerations.
  • How long will the liner last?
    8 – 15 years depending on usage.
  • Is it easy to maintain the pool once installed?
    Yes very easy, plus you should take advantage of some of the extras as this we help you maintain the pool even easy. Please also read our Water care section. Alternatively you could take out a maintenance contract with us.
  • Can I have a diving board with my pool?
    Yes but you must conform to the regulations of 8ft 6 inches of water required for a diving board.
  • Do I have to have a separate building for the pump etc if the pool is outdoors?
    No some people opt to enclose the equipment in a garage or shed but it’s not necessary.
  • Can my pool be any size?
    Yes we can tailor make your pool to any size. Please contact us direct for details and a quote at (800) 947-POOL.
  • How often does it need to be drained and the water changed?
    Never, only when you change your liner.
  • How often do I need to clean the filter out?
    A backwash is required once a week usually. The sand in the filter should be changed every three years.
  • Does the heater need to be running continuously?
    No, with the control panel, we can set the time clock to work with the pool so that the heater only works when heat is required.
  • Do I need to empty the pool for winter?
    No, please see our OPENINGS/CLOSINGS for details of closing the pool for winter.
  • Will the pool be warm enough to use in winter?
    No, we believe an outdoor pool can be used comfortable between May and September.

Frequently Asked Questions about POOL CLOSINGS

  • What kind of chemicals do you put in the pool?
    We suggest a the use of a concentrated shock treatment along with a winter algaecide and stain treatment product. Also make sure you adjust the pH and Alkalinity of the water.
  • Do you put any Antifreeze in the pipes?
    No, you should not have to. The only way that you can guarantee that your underground pipes don’t freeze is to blow all the water out of the pipes with a high powered air compressor or shop vac. The only time you would need to add Antifreeze is if you were going to leave water in the pipes. Then you would have to add it to keep them from freezing, but this is not recommended.
  • Do you drop the light, lower the light, remove the light?
    No, you do not have to lower the light. A long time ago, before people used compressors or shop vacs to blow all the water out of the pipes, they had to lower the water in the pool down past the returns. Then they used to have to remove the light and drop it to the bottom of the pool because if the pool water froze, it might expand and actually crack the light. Now a days, since you can use the compressor to blow out the pipes, you can keep the water level in the pool high up so your light can stay where it is. There is much less of a chance that the light will develop a leak if you just leave it alone.
  • Why do you have to lower the water in the pool if the pool has tile around the top at the water level?
    If you have tiles and you do not lower the water level, then if the water freezes it can expand outwards and actually crack the tile.
  • Do you have to lower the water in a vinyl liner Inground pool?
    No, the only time that a pool needs to have the water lowered is if you have a gunite or cement pool with tile around the top, at the water line. If you have tiles and you do not lower the water level, then if the water freezes it can expand outwards and actually crack the tile. If you have a mesh safety cover the water level will be lowered to accommodate for rain or snow during the winter months. When you use high powered compressors to blow all the water out of the pipes and plug the return jets and the skimmers there is no need to lower the water. The higher you can keep the water in the pool, the better it is for your pool cover and there will be much less of a chance of the cover falling in.
  • Should I acid wash my DE filter before closing?
    You should backwash it out before you close it down, that gets all the gunk and old DE out of the filter. If you want to have the filter ‘acid washed’, that’s usually something you do at the pool opening. You don’t want to have the filter cleaned and then have it sit for the next six months with acid residue in it. Most people want to have it cleaned out right before they start up the pool in the spring. It is best to wait till then.
  • Should I vacuum the pool before I close it?
    We do not recommend closing the pool if there is a lot of debris in it, then you should vacuum it all out. Most people vacuum the pool right after they open it in the Spring and only have to do it once.